Ayurvedic Hair Nourisher

Ayurvedic Hair Nourisher

PriceFrom ₹99.00

Non-Oily & Non-Sticky Daily Hair Revitalizer

100% Natural Actives

STEMVEDA Ayurvedic Hair Nourisher is a traditional hair revitalizer recreated for a modern generation. It is enriched with 16 beneficial Ayurvedic herbs that work synergistically to provide vital nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to your hair and scalp. Its non-oily and non-greasy formulation will surely change your perception of Ayurvedic hair oils.

Our Ayurvedic Hair Nourisher is the ideal overnight hair treatment with its hair strengthening and repairing effects.


Suitable for all hair types.

Use alternately our Aloe Hair Nourisher for better results.